Hispanic Market Research

When it comes to Hispanic research, we feel we are “students of the craft”. Sometimes the tools used in the general market can be applied to the Hispanic market, sometimes they cannot. There are instances where methods may have to be changed or substituted in order to effectively measure this target. As alluded to above, we love the challenges.

Types of Hispanic Market Research

Custom Research

RRG provides a full range of custom research services, including design, implementation and analysis of results.

Following are listed some of the kinds of services we provide. Unfortunately, a list doesn’t easily make the important point: WE DESIGN STUDIES TO SOLVE PROBLEMS, IDENTIFY OPPORTUNITIES AND PROVIDE INSIGHT.

We have developed unique sampling procedures for Hispanic telephone surveys that are widely used by practitioners today. For one of our clients, RRG adapted sophisticated general market ad testing techniques to the Hispanic Market segment. For another major client we developed a unique Purchase Tracking/Campaign Effectiveness design. As part of our APTtm Hispanic commercial testing service, we have tested the effectiveness (and have a normative base for) Spanish language commercials AND English language commercials.

These are just some examples of the pride we take in past accomplishments. Working with our clients, we hope the future will provide many more.

Quantitative Research

…Telephone, door-to-door, intercept, mail panels, electronic …

  • AAU Surveys
  • Ad Copy Tests
  • Concept Tests
  • Product Tests
  • Purchase Tracking/Campaign Effectiveness
  • Programming Research
  • Segmentation Studies
  • New Product Feasibility Research
  • Audience Measurement
  • Celebrity/Spokesperson Research
  • Consumer Products Inventory

Qualitative Research

The principals of RRG are involved in every qualitative project from beginning to end; from design of the methodology and discussion guide through implementation, analysis and interpretation. We have experience with one-on-ones/diads/triads/mini-groups, ethnographies and more traditional focus group structures. And, we have some interesting ideas about how to maximize the value of your qualitative projects.

Hispanic APT Copy Testing

RRG’s HISPANIC/APT commercial testing service combines a sophisticated research design with attention to detail and obsessive field supervision. The methodology employs a unique consumer response technique, with tests conducted in a “Laboratory” environment. The service provides three key measures of effectiveness: Persuasion, Recall, and Message Comprehension …and we’ve used the APT method to test the impact — among Hispanics — of TV commercials in Spanish AND in English.

Consulting Services

With our breadth of experience in Hispanic marketing, media and research, we provide a broad scope of consulting services. These include the following:

  • Getting Started in the U.S. Hispanic Market; including the data gathering and preparation of business plans.
  • Marketing to the U.S. Hispanic Market; from simple market analyses to sophisticated strategies and marketing plans.
  • Overview of U.S. Hispanic Media; from the traditional to the not so traditional media vehicles.
  • Personnel Search and Recruitment: RRG has worked with advertisers, agencies, the media and general market recruiters in referring, searching out and screening candidates.
  • Agency Selection: The two principals of RRG have accumulated 40+ years of experience in the Hispanic marketing field. We know the ad agencies “from three sides of the desk” (client, media and agency).

We are available for consulting on a project and/or retainer basis, and are available to conduct in-house seminars for clients.