About this Web Site

Corporate websites are a necessary evil. You want some assurance that the research company you're reviewing is not some “fly-by-night” organization operating out of a garage. You want some level of comfort that the people you’re considering working with know a little bit about their business. On the other hand, all websites pretty much say the same thing. After a few years in this business you get a little tired (and very cynical) of the same propaganda.

We hope this website is a bit different. We’ve tried to avoid those typical superlatives. In as few words as possible, we’ve tried to convey something different — PASSION: Our passion for this business. Our passion for the challenge of providing reliable, valid measures of behavior patterns. Our passion for the past, present and future of the marketing research “state-of-the-art”.

If you know us, you know what we mean. Get us started and we go on for hours about how we've applied research results to real-world problem-solving. Speak to one of the college students who have been through our Dale-Carnegie-style approach to the teaching of marketing research and you begin to see the zeal. The optimum methodology for documenting Hispanic purchase behavior? That subject will really get us going! In a word: PASSION!