About Us

Roslow Research Group, Inc. (RRG) was founded in 1984. We are a service-oriented marketing research and consulting firm…

…small enough so that all clients get the careful attention of the firm‘s senior management.
…big enough so that you can be assured of quality, with no sacrifice in the application of sophisticated design, execution and analytical procedures.

The senior researchers at RRG have extensive experience as research suppliers. All also have many years‘ experience on the client side. If you want a project to best address your needs, we feel this is a key advantage.

Over the last 10-15 years, two phenomena have greatly re-shaped the quality and service aspects of the custom survey research business:

  • Client-research staffs have been shrinking. With less manpower available to you, reliance on the research supplier for design and analysis has grown dramatically.
  • Through mergers, acquisitions, etc., research suppliers have been growing larger and more impersonal. Whereas once you may have dealt with senior executives and/or principals, more and more you now find yourself working with less-experienced project managers.

We at RRG love designing and producing quality survey research. We love the challenges of solving problems via careful and creative research design. In candor, we never liked delegating responsibilities for projects that we were overseeing. There was only one solution: Start our own research company and stay involved in the individual projects. And that‘s what we have done.

Most of our clients come to us via word-of-mouth. Repeat business is a hallmark. In fact, we have one client who has been using us for an annual tracking study for 56 years!* Now that‘s REPEAT BUSINESS!